The Competitive Reality for Recruiting These 8 Popular Roles

The Competitive Reality for Recruiting These 8 Popular Roles

Recruiting in today’s economy brings numerous challenges. Not only are there challenges with the diversity of a multi-generational workforce, alongside a strong dependence on technology and employer branding, but you are also competing for the same talent as thousands of other companies. With the movement towards a more mobile workforce, this means that you are competing for talent both in your area and across North America. We have discovered notable statistics regarding popular roles from LinkedIn’s Talent Solutions (data as of June 2018) to showcase some of the challenging competition that companies are currently facing and why many are struggling to find the talent they need to succeed.


If you are an accounting firm or a company looking to hire an accountant, you are competing against 27,553 open jobs in North America. The talent pool demand for accountants is extremely high, with a total supply of 519,348 jobs and growing by approximately 1%. Ottawa, Ontario, Canada is the second highest city in North America hiring talent for this profession.

Business Analyst

If you are looking to hire a Business Analyst, you are competing against 20,412 open jobs in North America. The talent pool supply is currently 224,750 and is also in very high demand with a growth rate of 2%. Toronto, Ontario, Canada is the second highest city in North America that employs Business Analysts.

Data Scientist

With the growth of data-driven decisions as a leading driver for corporate strategies, it is no surprise that Data Scientists are in very demand, with a growth rate of 22% in North America. There is 4,204 open jobs for this position and a total of 25,838 in the talent supply pool. Kitchener, Ontario, Canada is the third highest city in North America gaining Data Scientist positions.

Marketing Manager

Marketing Managers are in high demand for companies to help execute their marketing strategies. The demand is high with a 2% growth on top of the 187,760 marketing manager positions in North America. The top skills for marketing managers are social media marketing, email marketing and digital marketing. There are 6,947 total open jobs with Quebec, Canada as the second highest city gaining marketing manager talent.

Product Manager

Product Managers are extremely valuable to the success of certain products, thus making the talent demand very high. There are currently 137,539 employed in North America, with a growth rate of 5%. The number of total open jobs is 18,674 with Amazon, Google and Oracle as the top 3 employers for Product Managers.


Finding top talent and ensuring they perform in your organization is one of the most important business needs for many organizations. In the 2018 Ottawa Business Growth Survey, conducted by Abacus Data, Welch LLP and the Ottawa Business Journal, access to skilled workers is the second highest issue facing businesses. The demand for top-notch recruiters is very high with 214,961 employed and a growth rate of 5%. There are a total of 5,932 open jobs for Recruiters.

Software Engineers

The growth of technology and knowledge-based companies in today’s economy brings no surprise that there are 754,302 Software Engineers employed in North America. The talent pool demand is very high and there is a total of 83,859 open jobs for Software Engineers. The top employers for this position are Google, Microsoft and Amazon.

User Experience Designers

With new technology brings new user challenges. The need for User Experience Designers is growing at a rate of 10%, with the current talent supply of 18,464. The demand is very high with 3,102 open jobs. The top skills for this position are User Interface Design, User Experience and Adobe Photoshop.

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