People: Our focus and our secret to success

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  • October 16, 2018

People: Our focus and our secret to success

When I was given the task of writing a blog post discussing “something about Small Business Week” from James, I had no idea where to begin. So, I did my research, I looked through articles and I watched videos because to be quite frank, I had really no idea what this week truly entailed.

It was so captivating to see just how relevant the celebration of Small Business Week truly was (99.7% of Canadian businesses are considered small to medium – WOW!) The next day I was sitting at my desk, checking in on our Glassdoor reviews, filling out my own review on Keynote because, yes, we want everyone to know just how awesome we are at what we do. And I thought to myself, “Keynote Group has been the BEST first career job that I could have ever imagined” and then I thought to myself again, “But why?”

I realized that writing this piece wouldn’t be the same without the team. I did what curious people like myself do, and I asked for their opinions at our weekly lunch and learn. I grabbed a marker, walked over to the board and asked 3 simple, open-ended questions: Keynote Group is…? Why KG? Working at a small business is…?

What we realized…

Diversity – a word that is thrown around quite frequently by employers when looking to explain their company culture. For us, it’s inclusivity. Our blended backgrounds, many without the direct, predetermined career path to the world of HR and recruitment were sold from their first meetings with Donna and James. So organically, people that literally came from across the world, from different past careers and a range of deep-rooted passions, we became a family. We cultivated an authentic environment where each and every one of our team members can thrive and succeed professionally, never sacrificing an opportunity to be quirky and laugh together (we blast throwback music on a regular basis and bring our “woofers” to the office on Wednesdays, just to give you a little insight).

One of our Talent Consultants said it with pure honesty that working at Keynote in comparison to her previous employers was, “a breath of fresh air”, and it stuck with me. She couldn’t have put it any better because let’s face it – work can be stressful. We spend on average, roughly 1702 hours MINIMUM at work every year. Ideally, you enjoy whom you spend all those hours with, right? Once this comment was made, a few more people piped in. “I actually enjoy coming in to work”. “I never come into work mad about coworkers. Sure, sometimes I can be frustrated about the way a project is going but I’m never angry at you guys, never not wanting to show up because someone is upsetting me”. This was so satisfying to hear because I too, felt this way.

It’s easy to fall into the trap of seeing small businesses as what they are in size, but not what their capacity to accomplish and push the limits is. For us, to work at a small business is to recognize we are not just small, local, family owned and award winning. We are a company that is “human”. When asked about our organization, we always say that the one constant thing at Keynote Group is change. Our success is measured in the success of our clients. The team is growing and evolving on a daily basis, welcoming it with open arms to become the best we can be for our clients. We believe in what we do and most importantly, we believe in the members at Keynote Group that play an essential part in how we work to take over and change the industry as a whole.

From every birthday and work anniversary being an excuse to eat dessert, to occasionally taking phone calls in the parking lot because you have no room to take a phone call in a room in which you’re completely alone. We’re growing rapidly and it’s worth it. We don’t just love what we do, we love who we work with. We don’t just “find, fit and retain” the perfect candidates to fill the positions that our clients call on our expertise for. We have created a hilarious, genius, innovative, eclectic and supportive family that squeezes into our happy home located at 66 Lisgar Street, loving every single moment of the “small business” ride.

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