Why am I so passionate about Keynote Group?

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  • June 8, 2016

Why am I so passionate about Keynote Group?

Ok everyone, I thought I’d try and keep up with the fantastic blogs that our CEO James Baker has been writing since we launched. I’m afraid mine might be less insightful, definitely less articulate but I promise you it comes from the heart.

So why did I want to start Keynote Group – honestly – I wanted to make money, I wanted flexible hours, I wanted to be my own boss, I want, I want, I want – do you notice a common theme. I don’t think I am a bad person for wanting these things, nor do I think they are actually bad goals to have but they were not gratifying for me, nor did they lead me to succeed.

People Are An Organizations Best Asset.

What I have come to realize in the 7 short months Keynote Group has been running is what actually constitutes a great day in the office. What provides a sense of success, achievement, gratification? For me it has been seeing how much we actually help organizations attract, onboard, train, develop and ultimately retain their people. I will get up on my pedestal here and shout out to the world – I am a true believer that people are an organizations best asset. You can have an amazing product, a phenomenal process but if you do not have the right people in the right positions you will fall short of ultimate success. This has now become my “why”. Why do I do this job – because it is truly gratifying to watch an organization flourish in their own right and be able to step back and say – I played a small part in that.

Serving Diverse Industries and Markets

Not everyone is interested in our unique, holistic approach to talent attraction and management and that’s OK. I’m pretty sure that not everyone wants to pay $5 for a coffee at Starbucks but they still seem to have a pretty strong and loyal customer base. So far we’ve assisted clients in construction, property management, sports and entertainment, engineering, manufacturing, aerospace, telecommunications. We have staffed positions in facilities, operations, engineering, finance, sale, administration, IT and I could not be more proud. Proud of the fact that we have improved our clients’ chances of being successful in their own industries.

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