Community Effort

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  • June 30, 2017

Happy Canada Day weekend!

One of the great things I love about Canada is the strength of community that people across this country have. This quote from one of the articles sums it up for us:

...the power of inclusion and diversity of thought, and that talent and skill know no borders. In choosing to hire, train, and mentor the best people in the world, we can build global companies that grow our economy. By embracing diversity, we can drive innovation to benefit the world.

There is strength in our diversity. You don't have to search far to see how far and wide this idea is:

This year Keynote welcomed Murilo Torres into our ranks - someone who was recently honoured by the City of Ottawa and Mayor Watson. So on top of the regular celebrations for Canada day, we'd like to take one moment to say thank you to Murilo, and all of the people across this great country that contribute to it's strength and success.

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