CEO @Tech Startup

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Well Funded

They are well funded by leading VCs, with ample runway on hand.

Ability to Convert Clients

Have successfully landed commercial deals with global consumer electronics brands and trials with over a dozen other global companies.


With a compensation package that gives significant equity, you will have a genuine wealth creation opportunity tied directly to your ability.

CEO @Tech Startup

Company: Tech Startup

Position: CEO

Location: Ottawa

Everyone deserves to be understood by the technology they use every day – this the core value that has led to the success of our client. Their machine learning technology and proprietary algorithms are pushing the limits of what speech recognition engines are capable of recognizing today. Natural phrases, accents, noisy environments connected cars, wearables, or virtual reality headsets - this company is developing the next wave of AI speech recognition.

Skills & Experience

CEO Experience Startup of 20+ people minimum.
Leadership Ability to lead high performing team to success.
B2B or B2B2C Business development experience and success, global markets.
Consumer Electronics Experience with smart devices, IoT, handsets, wearables, etc.
Marketing Proven experience in branding and corporate positioning.
Raising Capital Experience in angel and VC fund raising.

Summary Of Role

Our client has won their first few global customers. They are deep into trials with over a dozen other global customers including consumer electronics, automotive, wearable tech, and related segments. The right CEO is needed to ensure they execute and deliver on this interest.

This is unique timing for a new CEO to step in, influence, gain confidence from the team and board, and make significant early strides. You’ll be at the boardroom table with leading global consumer brands and electronics companies. While empowering your business development group, you will also act as a face of the company to engage and attract investors..

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