Senior Mechanical Estimator @ ClimateWorks - Ottawa

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Strong Growing Team

Your right hand is a highly regarded performer, and you will be given the opportunity to add a third person within the next 12-18 months to meet continued demand.

Flexibility & Freedom

You will be given the freedom to nurture relationships with customers and the flexibility to balance the public relations aspects with the bidding and estimating.

Critical Role

The owners envision you to be the central resource for estimating which affords you the opportunity to bring systems and process to increase efficiency.

Senior Mechanical Estimator @ ClimateWorks - Ottawa

Company: ClimateWorks

Position: Senior Mechanical Estimator

Location: Ottawa, ON

With values rooted in genuine care, a familial approach and personal attention for their team and their clients, ClimateWorks has continued to grow year after year and now find themselves as a key partner to general contractors, developers and other trades. With a shift from being a residential focused organization to a contractor that predominantly focuses on commercial projects, ClimateWorks is running at a pace neither founder would have imagined when they set out on this journey. As they look to expand into new markets, fulfill the ongoing demand of projects and develop the business on the operational side, a new Senior Mechanical Estimator is required to join the team.

Skills & Experience

Senior Level Experience It is imperative that you bring senior level experience in mechanical estimating
Specific Experience Exposure to sheet metal and plumbing.
Process-Driven Understand the merits of process and systems but not at the expense of getting the job done.
People Focused People are a critical component and central to your values.

Summary of Role

ClimateWorks has been growing rapidly, adding millions of dollars of increased project value each year and now has the added complexity of a Toronto division to manage. They continue to take on higher value and more intricate projects from a balance of negotiated work and traditional bid and tender. ClimateWorks currently has one estimator who is at capacity, alongside an owner supporting the estimation of the projects that they have in the pipeline. This is where you will play a significant role within ClimateWorks, as an experienced professional who can focus on and lead the estimating process for projects with general contractors. You will also be an outward-facing figure, representing ClimateWorks in that space and will be someone who thrives in the relationship management aspect of the role. You will thrive off balancing the social elements of relationship management with business development activities and bidding to ensure the business continues to scale..

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