Senior Development Manager @ Colonnade Bridgeport

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Leadership Role

Work with and learn from the industry’s top real estate development professionals, and truly enhance your community.


You will be given the autonomy to oversee the team, while also identifying your own potential opportunities for Colonnade BridgePort’s development.

Critical Role

They are poised for growth, with aggressive targets in mind, and as the Senior Development Manager, you will play an integral role in this.

Senior Development Manager @ Colonnade Bridgeport

Company: Colonnade Bridgeport

Position: Senior Development Manager

Location: Ottawa, ON

Now a household name in Ottawa’s commercial real estate industry, Colonnade BridgePort is respected for its market knowledge and ability to help private and institutional investors develop and execute real estate strategies to meet their investment objectives and exceed target returns. The focus is on building relationships with clients based on the principles of trust and integrity with a commitment to the relentless execution of strategies. It is these relationships that are fuelling the expansion and will lead to growth in all areas of their business.

The company has a team of investment and development managers who are proactive in identifying and qualifying new business opportunities. With a five-year strategic plan backed by clear competitive advantages, they are in a solid position to achieve continuous growth.

As a relationship-focused firm, Colonnade BridgePort works tirelessly to maintain an ethos of ‘more return’ for all stakeholders. It is this commitment to profitable outcomes that will drive them to capture a strong market position led by a driven development team of experts.

Skills & Experience

Business Background

With either a technical designation, PMP Certification or another relevant professional certification such as GSC or LEED accreditation.

Industry Knowledge

You will have a generalist background in the development space and a strong understanding of how each part of the development cycle impacts one another.

10+ Years Experience

In the commercial, mixed-use or highrise real estate development industry.

Land Acquisition & Development Experience

This experience is essential, combined with a deep understanding of construction practices and project management.

Summary of the Role

You will be responsible for the overall project delivery of the Development Management team. As the Senior Manager, you will have the opportunity to manage and lead the team, providing them support and advice, while challenging them to think broadly about the development process. On behalf of the department, you will develop, implement, monitor development processes and manage aspects including: design, scheduling, financials, contracts, municipal approvals and reporting. You will have oversight of the due diligence activities for land acquisition, develop overall project schedules and engage external consultants as required. Your knowledge of the financial side of development is essential, as you will oversee the creation and updating of proformas and project budgets.

The role has overarching responsibility for the development process, development management team performance and is the main point of communication for all stakeholders such as investors, asset managers, property managers, brokers, tenants, and/or consultants.

Opportunity has been filled!