Senior Development and Project Manager @ Halo Car Wash

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Influential Position

You will have the opportunity in a newly created role to be creative, share your expertise and have a sense of autonomy from day one.

Innovation & Improvement

You will be a critical figure in continuous innovation and improvement to ensure that every site that Halo develops is better than the last.

Impactful Role

You will have the opportunity to tangibly see the evolution from land acquisition to production and retail development.

Senior Development and Project Manager @ Halo Car Wash

Company: Halo Car Wash

Position: Senior Development and Project Manager

Location: Ottawa, ON

With the traditional car wash systems often burdened by long lines, inefficient washes and high prices for customers, Halo’s founders saw a gap in the market. In 2016 the leadership at MacEwen, an established and reputable family business in Ottawa, saw the opportunity to leverage their experience in the gas station industry and find a new and more desirable approach to satisfy their customers. After a period of in-depth research and consultation, Halo brought their first next generation car wash to market in 2019. Their first site in Stratford Ontario was proof of concept and has allowed them to refine the model to utilize for their second site before entering the Ottawa market with their Orleans location. With the land acquisition team at MacEwen providing the access to land and a desire to bring 3-5 new locations to market annually, Halo is now ready for aggressive expansion. The model is sound, and most importantly, the customer feedback has been exceptional. As a first mover in this space, they have a significant opportunity to lead the Ontario market and have multiple sites serving both urban and suburban markets in larger towns and cities across the province. With new sites being acquired and the need to expedite the development process and new site rollouts, they are looking to add a crucial development and project management leader to their business.

Skills & Experience

Entrepreneurial Spirit

With the ambition to dominate the marketplace with a best in class solution.


You will either have your PMP designation or have a Post-Secondary degree in a related field.


5+ years’ experience managing small to midsize development projects, ideally including retail or mixed use, with demonstrated success in site plan development all the way straight through to project execution.

Fast Paced Environment

You are an analytical, customer centric and driven individual that can effectively balance your time working both independently and collaboratively


You are highly proficient in MS Office applications and Procore in order to drive efficiency and maintain organization.

Customer Service Excellence

You strive for the creation of top-quality service for customers.

Summary of the Role

Reporting to the President, you will be the primary point of contact responsible for planning, executing, and delivering corporate projects on time, within
budget, and in accordance to specifications.

To achieve these goals, you will define project requirements, scope and acquire project resources. Efficient delivery of project deliverables, effective quality control, clear communication of expectations to stakeholders, and upward reporting to senior management are critical tasks that must be performed throughout each project lifecycle. Your wide scope of responsibilities will call on your expertise to lead and assist in the development of projects and programs that will establish quality objectives. You will be confident in your competence to effectively balance your time managing all assigned project requirements for multiple, simultaneous and unique projects. You will manage consultants throughout all phases of the project, including project design, site plan development, construction, equipment installation, testing and close out documentation. You will be responsible for liaising with trades, sub-trades and suppliers for scheduling and coordination, as you juggle communication with management, employees and vendors to clearly define project requirements and expectations. From this, you will be able to create a work plan that includes a schedule, project milestones, control schedule and risk factors.

You will be fully responsible for applying your skills and knowledge that you have accumulated throughout your career in the construction industry to professionally represent Halo to maintain their positive reputation in the marketplace. You are expected to consistently prove your ability to meet the desired project outcomes that are requested from you, resulting in continued client satisfaction and an ongoing expansion of the business across Ontario.

Opportunity has been filled!