Senior Data Scientist @ Replica Analytics

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Industry Expertise

This is an opportunity to be on the ground with an early-stage start-up founded by some of the best minds in the data analytics sector.

Unique Opportunity

The concept of a software and service that can synthesize real data is new to the market - as such this is a unique and game changing opportunity to join an organization poised for exponential growth.

Growth Opportunity

This opportunity will allow you to fast track your career in data science as you solve both technical and organizational challenges in an ambiguous and dynamic environment.

Senior Data Scientist @ Replica Analytics

Company: Replica Analytics

Position: Senior Data Scientist

Replica Analytics develops unique technologies for generating privacy protective data that maintains the statistical properties of real data. They enable fast and effective access to high utility data while meeting regulatory obligations. Replica Analytics has developed two offerings – data synthesis and privacy assurance. The data synthesis services take a real dataset from a client and use machine learning tools and algorithms to generate a synthetic dataset quickly, and at scale. The privacy assurance services take real and synthetic data and using their proprietary models, evaluates the risk of the synthetic data being matched to a real person.

The methods employed by Replica Analytics combine machine learning tools to generate synthetic data, and privacy assurance on synthetic data to ensure that the probability of identifying individuals is very small. With deep expertise in privacy and data analysis, Replica Analytics is a trusted partner for data synthesis.

Replica Analytics is an early-stage start-up founded by industry experts who have seen successful exits from previous organizations. They are already seeing traction with users in the life sciences, health systems, technology and open data markets and as the company enters its next phase of growth, they are excited to welcome a Senior Data Scientist to the team.

Skills & Experience


You will have a Master’s or PhD degree in statistics, machine learning, analytics, computer science, electrical engineering, or other related fields.

Industry Experience

You will have at least 1-2 years of industry experience in the field of data science and/or analytics.


You will have deep expertise in machine learning and statistics with proficiency in Python or R programming.


You have an entrepreneurial mindset and an appreciation for the common realities that come with working at a start-up environment.


You have a desire to join a fast-growing start-up company that may also be complemented by prior experience working within a similar environment.


You are a strong communicator that can effectively leverage your in-depth analytical skills to deliver solutions directly to clients and to liaise internally to advance the organization.

Summary of the Role

As a senior member of the data science team, you will be working closely with your peers to enhance the enterprise software solution.

Replica Analytics is focused on providing data synthesis solutions to energize the application of Artificial Intelligence in a variety of industries. You will be given the opportunity to spearhead the development of features, using various machine learning methods while interfacing with external partners and clients to execute on data synthesis deliverables. Replica Analytics consists of a small team and as such, peer to peer engagement is crucial. You will have an opportunity to collaborate with the software development team directly for innovative and creative discussions and application while supporting the integration of other departments as the organization continues to grow.

You will be required to roll up your sleeves and complete a wide variety of tasks in a fast-paced start-up environment. You will lead consulting projects from intake to completion as you balance your time between coordinating with internal teams and communicating directly with clients regarding key deliverables. You will be required to maintain and improve existing production and quality control pipelines for synthetic data deliverables. Backed by your previous experience in data science, you will be provided autonomy to determine the best approach to synthesize data by designing, implementing and analyzing experiments.

Opportunity has been filled!