Procurement Manager @ Ferguslea Properties

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Create Process

Opportunity to take your knowledge and experience and create a procurement and vendor management process which will support all areas of the organization.

Impact Change

You will be the trusted leader for all things procurement, with autonomy to make decisions and impact change.

Critical Role

The Procurement Manager will be the lead point of contact for streamlining vendor procurement and management.

Procurement Manager @ Ferguslea Properties

Company: Ferguslea Properties

Position: Procurement Manager

Location: Ottawa, ON

Independently owned and managed, Ferguslea Properties Limited evolved from one of Canada’s most prominent real estate development and property management companies. Throughout the 2010s, Ferguslea Properties established itself as an individual entity with a mandate to revitalize its properties, improve the overall infrastructure, uphold the safest experience for tenants and undertake several ‘green’ initiatives. In 2011 the company rebranded its largest community to create Accora Village, a 100- acre site nestled in the heart of Ottawa’s west end. The community sits between the Ottawa River and the newly refurbished Bayshore Shopping Centre, providing access to trails, bike paths and the amenities associated with a world-class mall. With the highway on Accora Village’s doorstep and the LRT extension planned, the community is ideally positioned to access all areas of the National Capital Region. Accora Village offers a mixture of newly refurbished and upgraded apartments, townhomes and garden homes, a fully equipped recreation centre and pool with educational and fitness programs for the whole family. Ferguslea Properties is at the beginning of a journey to revitalize the entire Accora Village community. Ferguslea’s ownership and management are fully invested in the commitment to their goal of becoming the number one rental community in North America.

Skills & Experience

Significant Vendor Knowledge Including developing vendor lists, sourcing new vendors, and evaluating existing ones.
5+ Years of Experience Developing procurement strategies that drive down costs while maintaining quality.
Essential Experience In contract management, Standing Offer Agreements and managing renewals.
Strong Communication Skills Manage new and existing relationships, both internally and externally.

Summary of Role

This role will develop and maintain all processes and procedures in regards to vendors and procurement, including managing Standing Offer Agreements for new and existing vendors. With a procurement spend of up to $20 million per year, the Procurement Manager will be responsible for bringing a strategic procurement discipline to the operation, improving efficiency and driving significant cost savings. Improving vendor breadth by sourcing new suppliers, and ensuring quality by formalizing the bid, tender and evaluation process will be key. You will take a lead role on the costing and estimating of the repositioning projects within existing buildings..

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