Part-Time Office Coordinator @ Kisaan Die Tech

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Charismatic Leader

This position directly supports the Director, a natural mentor and collaborator, as you learn and develop new organizational processes for the business to drive efficiency.

Flexible Career Trajectory

There is tremendous growth potential in this role, as this position could evolve further within the company, potentially into sales and other avenues as you identify your strengths and interests.

Growing Company

Kisaan Die Tech is a small business with exponential sales, already exceeding $12 million in the Indian market and has only just begun to emerge into the North American market.

Part-Time Office Coordinator @ Kisaan Die Tech

Company: Kisaan Die Tech

Position: Part-Time Office Coordinator

Location: Ottawa, ON

Kisaan Die Tech is a manufacturer of high-quality open and closed die steel forgings and machined components. Forgings which are manufactured are used in a variety of industrial applications. In their integrated facility located in India, they forge, heat treat, and machine products to standard or custom specifications. Kisaan Die Tech also has the capability to precision machine forgings at their partner facility in Stittsville. Their network of logistical partners enables them to ship anywhere in the world and their high standard of quality and on-time delivery distinguishes them from their competition.

Skills & Experience

Flexible Work Mentality You are a detail-oriented, “can-do” individual
Microsoft Office Suite Highly proficient in Excel, Word, Outlook
Customer Facing You are comfortable being forward-facing with clients
Driven by Autonomy Enjoy solving problems and resolving issues independently
Helpful Nature Eagerness to always lend a helping hand
Professional Demeanour Motivation and professionalism to grow with an international business

Summary of Role

In this role, you will be working in coordination with the Director of Business Development to ensure the Ottawa office runs efficiently, smoothly and sustainably. Your main responsibility will be to alleviate daily office coordination duties from the Director, allowing for his focus to be primarily on the growth and development of the business. You will be responsible for daily office functions and coordination, including, but not limited to the following: Providing quotations to clients, invoicing, customs shipment tracking, accounting posts and ongoing customer service.

At the end of your first year, your success will be measured by your ability to relieve the time consuming, but critical daily coordination from the Director of
Business Development, earning his trust that you can independently “get the job done”. You will have become familiar with the inner workings of this unique manufacturing industry and will have learned the processes of the company. You have become extremely confident in dealing with general client inquiries without the need for assistance. Not only are you self-sustaining, but you also consistently strive to be a collaborative asset to the team and provide unparalleled customer service to clients..

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