Modeling and DFMA Manager

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Exciting & Newly Created Role

Work with a team of passionate, entrepreneurial and technical experts within the mass timber ecosystem.

Highly Engaged Team

They will look to you as someone who can steer the ship toward the production of top-quality work on a consistent basis.

Rare Opportunity

Encourages you to not simply stay in your own lane. You will be responsible for challenging the paradigm of what has been done internally, thus far.

Modeling and DFMA Manager

Company: Element5 Co.

Position: Modeling and DFMA Manager

Location: Toronto, ON

The construction industry continues to demand prefabricated solutions and building materials that quickly and easily assemble at lower cost are rapidly gaining influence and relevance. The term ‘mass timber’ was created in response to new and innovative timber products that are an alternative to concrete and steel in the construction of buildings from single storey to 18 storeys, across every industry sector. Due to its high-level of structural strength, environmental sustainability, unique design and prefabrication flexibility, mass timber is redefining the future of North America’s construction landscape.

Element5 are the leading team of designers, project managers, craftspeople and installation experts in the mass timber construction sector. Their mission is to push the envelope, design with people in mind and do their part to sustain the environment through the design, fabrication and assembly of aesthetically pleasing and innovative timber buildings. Their purpose is to create spaces that will help communities thrive and grow as they live, learn and work. Element5 is known for its integrated customer-oriented approach which ensures the successful delivery of high-precision and tailored timber solutions for every project that they complete.

Skills & Experience


Bachelor’s Degree and/or College Diploma in Mechanical, Industrial or Civil Engineering

Proven Track Record

Leading and building teams with the ethos to lead by example, not by title


Minimum of 10 years’ experience

Critical Knowledge

High proficiency in working with BIM and CAD systems and have superior technical skills


Well-versed in 3D modeling and detailing, ideally with a background in design automation in the construction, industrial, automotive and/or aerospace industries


a proven track record in designing for manufacturability that is backed by in-depth expertise in parametric modeling

Summary of the Role

Reporting to the senior engineering lead, the Modeling and DFMA Manager will play a key role in the growth and sophistication of Element5’s modeling team. As the Modeling and DFMA Manager, you will be a trusted leader in the planning, designing and coordination of detailed models of mass timber structures which will ultimately be manufactured and assembled. In addition to the modeling team that you lead, your additional primary interactions will be with Element5’s lead Project Manager and the structural engineering and production teams. Occasionally, you will also be liaising with clients’ engineering departments for projects that are completed in collaboration. You will balance your time between hands-on work, oversight of a team of engineers and technologists and the development of standardized workflows.

Working closely with the CLT and Glulam production team, you will be an influential figure in the development of a formal design process to maximize efficiency and improve production design for manufacturability. Ultimately, your diligence in training the team and expertise in producing accurate, consistent and precise designs will result in an elevated standard of execution. You will also be tasked to analyze the current effectiveness of the software used by the team in order to provide thoughtful feedback and strategies around the implementation of new systems to optimize performance.

Opportunity has been filled!