Manager of Sales @Element5

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Untapped Potential

As the first sales professional, you can pick your segment, build a book and progress quickly in the organization.

Value Proposition

As a business development professional you know the value of timing and the power of a differentiated product offering that has limited competitors.

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Manager of Sales @Element5

Company: Element5

Position: Manager of Sales

Location: Toronto

Element5 is a small and dedicated team of designers, project managers, craftspeople and installation experts. Their mission is to improve the lives of people and do our part to sustain the environment through the design, supply and assembly of elegant & innovative timber buildings. Element5's purpose is to create spaces that will help communities thrive as they live, learn and work. Their integrated customer-oriented approach ensures the delivery of high precision timber structures, tailored to fit your schedule and budget.

Skills & Experience

Technical Education and Experience Project management, estimating or engineering
GTA Relationships With GC's and land ownership groups
Complex Projects Proven ability to work with consortiums or joint bids
Strength in Networking Passion and interest in core industry segments (Retail, hospitality, housing, industrial, commercial or institutions)
Risk Tolerance Profile Interest in being in a high-growth, changeable and influential environment
Multiple Stakeholders Track record working with multiple stakeholders, leading to tenders and consulting opportunities

Summary of Role

With over $150m in leads currently in the funnel and 10’s of millions of dollars being added to that figure daily, you will be able to segment, prioritize and effectively nurture prospects to close. Working with the President of Element5 Corporation, the central operating company, you will be tasked with nurturing clients through the full sales cycle. You will be supported by engineering, estimating and marketing to ensure the client has all the information needed to understand the full value proposition mass timber provides. Your stakeholders will be landowners, general contractors, design and architecture firms plus institutions and corporations. It is anticipated that the sweet spot for the projects will be 4-8 storey buildings in the $5-8M range that include banks, restaurants, hotels, custom homes, mid-rise developments, multi-unit residential buildings, offices, mixed-use buildings and institutions. They will partner with other organizations for larger projects and the relationships you develop will be crucial to these opportunities being realized.

Someone will be VP of Sales here within the next 2 years, you are the first one in and while 2 more sales managers will be added in due course, you are in control of your destiny. Whether you want to dive deep into retail and work with the likes of Tim Hortons to build every new Tim’s in the country or win TD Bank and their new retail banking locations, this opportunity puts you at the forefront. Perhaps hotels are your area of interest or track housing providers. Potentially you see the social benefits to high quality, low cost, fast-build housing for at-risk communities as your motivator. The bottom line is the opportunities are plentiful and you get to determine your path to success..

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