Manager of Planning & Development @ Milani Group

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Manager of Planning & Development @ Milani Group

Company: Milani Group

Position: Manager of Planning & Development

Location: Greater Toronto Area (GTA)

The Milani Group is a legacy family business who have been acquiring and developing land assets around the GTA for over 60 years. With a focus on residential development and infill projects, their strength has been converting unique assets into premium housing developments.

Their reputation for execution is second to none and they have been fortunate to build strong relationships at both the provincial and municipal levels that have ensured they remain active
participants in urban planning discussions.

In the last decade they have focused on several key land strategies that can now be realized with the urban boundary changes and reduction of red tape to meet new housing needs. While they are publicly often in debate on key projects, they maintain a low profile from a business perspective. Very few private developers have been able to realize the opportunities they have, the humility within the team and the fiscal success they have attained which makes this unique opportunity to join Milani Group very appealing for an experienced development planner.

Skills & Experience


5+ years of related experience in the residential and/or mixed-use land development industry


Background as a development engineer or as a development planner in the infrastructure development space

Provincial Experience

You have thorough experience in land development planning that is backed by a strong knowledge of the Ontario Planning Act

Effective Communication

You have the proven ability to effectively communicate with city officials across multiple municipalities in the GTA

Critical Thinker

Able to analyze unique challenges that arise in the development space and develop creative solutions to achieve successful results that others may have thought weren’t possible

Passion & Care

You bring a strong passion, care and attention to detail for whatever you are tasked to do

Summary of the Role

As the Manager of Planning & Development, you will work closely and collaboratively with the President of Milani Group to continuously create value in the assets that they own. Essentially, you will take the conversations regarding land development from potential to realization.

You will review historical data such as official plans, infrastructure spending and general growth trends in order to create growth strategies for rezoning subdivisions. You will be a critical leader in the design and implementation of programs and plans for land development and its potential usage for residential communities of approximately 70-150 homes per phase. You will be responsible for presenting your plans to and fostering strong relationships with government leaders, local business, the public and other key stakeholders such as residential developers. You will process and coordinate site plan applications and the registration of subdivisions while also being afforded the opportunity to assist the President with the land acquisition and approval process. Your knowledge and feedback in this area will be very beneficial to the growth of the development team.

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