Finance and Office Manager @Mask Management

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Financial Management

If you love control and oversight with a role that offers variety in terms of industries but also structure and consistency of process, then this could be a terrific opportunity for you.

Opportunity to Impact

With competing systems and processes, there is the chance to iterate and improve on policies and procedures, while ensuring value for all stakeholders.

Work-Life Balance

It offers responsibility and operational involvement but fortunately not a huge demand on time, given the support of a bookkeeper meaning only the occasional need for overtime at just month-end and year-end.

Finance and Office Manager @Mask Management

Company: Mask Management

Position: Finance and Office Manager

Location: Ottawa

As a family-owned business, Mask Management provides the oversight and diligence required to operate multiple entities with many competing priorities and pressure points. The Finance and Office Manager works with the management team in each business, with the support of a bookkeeper, to manage all accounting and finance requirements for their unit. Each business is incorporated separately and has their respective month-end and year-end requirements with an additional level of certain planning and reporting needs.

Skills & Experience

Accounting 5+ years with full-cycle accounting
Multiple Entities Experience working with multiple companies
Financial Analysis Ability to provide leadership with analysis and insight
Software Experience working with accounting software
Leadership and Training Comfortability supervising, as you will be supervising the bookkeeper
Administrative Experience Enjoys wearing many hats for a business

Summary of Role

Although you are under the guidance of a VP of Finance, you will be autonomously accountable for all day to day, monthly and year-end end requirements for the businesses. In addition, given you are part of the management company, which is a small group, you will, from time to time, be required to support operational aspects and help with certain office management tasks.

You will bring tenure to a full cycle accounting role and either through ‘qualified by experience’ consideration or a professional accounting designation/degree. You will be comfortable handling multiple operating companies and reporting to an ownership group formally each month while providing updates as needed. As part of the management team, you will be someone who opposes the idea of “that is not my job” and actively finds ways to support the success of every operation under your remit.

Success will be measured by the strength of the relationships you have built combined with your ability to manage the cash constraints of a growing asset base effectively. You will have found efficiencies in manual processes and have implemented reporting standards that enable ownership and management to be constantly apprised of the business. In conclusion, a clean year-end process with minimal adjusting entries for each business, coupled with a clean audit for the Dows Lake operation will signal your success as the new Finance and Office Manager for Mask Management Consultants..

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