Chief Financial Officer @ Equality Fund

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Make an Impact

This is a unique opportunity to be deeply involved in an initiative that will have a positive global impact on gender equality and the rights of women.


This is an opportunity to manage a complex, large-scale budget with the support of a diverse team.

Non-competitive Environment

The collective contribution and accountability are at the forefront of its business model and culture.

Chief Financial Officer @ Equality Fund

Company: Equality Fund

Position: Chief Financial Officer

Location: Ottawa, ON

The Equality Fund is the first of its kind – a collaboration between philanthropists, investors, and government and designed by women, for women. What makes the Equality Fund such an exciting innovation is the unprecedented cooperation between diverse sectors – women’s organizations and movements, Canadian community foundations, an international network of philanthropic foundations and the voice of women’s organizations and women’s rights leaders from developing countries, alongside philanthropists, banks, and investors. Based on the knowledge that supporting local women’s rights organizations is the most effective way to fight poverty and inequality, the Equality Fund will mobilize philanthropic and investment capital, bringing together new partners to move beyond current models of traditional charity funding. The Equality Fund provides predictable and flexible funding, along with technical assistance, to women’s organizations and movements in developing countries. Thanks to a $300 million commitment from the Government of Canada, the Equality Fund will be unique both in scale and in its objectives, becoming the largest women’s fund in the world.

Skills & Experience

CPA designation
University degree in business, finance or accounting
7-10 years experience Middle to senior management experience, managed teams and worked alongside senior executives.
Experience scaling business entities Designing and building of financial systems and processes as well as setting up internal board committees.
Developing budgets Extensive experience with developing budgets in excess of 10 million and reporting to the executive leadership, board of directors and external stakeholders on revenue sources and financial management.
Experience with Global Affairs Canada Experience with the rules and regulations imposed by GAC and are familiar with GAC financial agreements.

Summary of Role

This is a strategic C-suite leadership role created for this time of unprecedented transformation, transition and system development and with the goal to build and support the Equality Fund. The overarching role of this CFO will be to ensure that the contractual financial milestones are met, and to guard the credibility and impact of the Equality Fund. This CFO will be at the forefront of scaling and positioning the Equality Fund to be a billion-dollar disruptor in the fight for gender equality.

This role demands a sophisticated understanding of financial investments, planning, forecasting and risk management. The CFO will need to demonstrate their ability to analyse and budget in a multi-programme setting. This role requires confidence in managing internal and external partnerships and reporting relationships. The CFO will be entrusted with identifying, developing, implementing and monitoring internal systems and controls including procurement policies and the streamlining of donations. This is an opportunity to be an impactful CFO, with 360 support from a fiercely feminist team..

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