CEO - Non-Profit Organization

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Altruistic Vision

Their critical and philanthropic motivation is to transform the entire end of life experience for every Canadian family.


This role allows you to demonstrate innovation, to be involved in transforming culture, and to be a catalyst for change.

Lead with Strategy

It is an opportunity to define the strategic direction of your team, building on a strong foundation with a dedicated Board.

CEO @Non-Profit


Non-Profit Organization





Our client is a leading national non-profit organization that is committed to improving the quality of hospice and palliative care provided to individuals. To achieve this, the organization’s primary goal is to strengthen Canadians’ ability to provide community and home based palliative care by providing training and support to both inter-professional groups (i.e. nurses, physicians, emergency first responders, pharmacists, etc.) and family/neighbour care givers to ensure ill individuals receive appropriate care early, effectively, and compassionately.

Skills & Experience

Leadership Experience Extensive experience in adult education, healthcare and/or government
Education A post-graduate level or higher
Bilingualism Fluently communicate in both official languages (oral and written)
Politically Savvy Experience with government, policy, political relations
Partnership Focused Business development experience and success
Leadership Extensive experience in adult education
Strategy Driven by accountability for success and solutions
Public Relations Strong skills in communication and media relations

Summary of Role

This is a newly created role; the organization is currently shifting from being founder led to being CEO led.  An effective leader who can unite the organization and can move it forward is essential. You will get to work with all layers of Government and community groups across healthcare and home care services.

You will be afforded the opportunity to define the strategic direction of your team, build on a strong foundation and work with an empowered board that are dedicated to the organizational vision.   With countless resources, potential partners and avenues to explore, you will be empowered and supported to achieve your goals. There is a growing team in place that is enthusiastic, smart, driven and need guidance, mentorship and coaching to thrive. This is a career-defining role that will provide you exposure and recognition on a national and international level.

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