A Codified Search Process.

From sourcing to screening and post placement support, a codified, data-driven and AI supported solution all under one inclusive price. Contact Us Details

Define The Right Fit.

The Intake Process

Finding the right person starts with understanding your business, vision and how the positions you need filled will support them. We determine "fit" in a meaningful way, which allows us to guarantee the people you hire will stay longer and perform better.

Find and Attract the Right Talent.


We find and attract the 'upper quartile' talent not actively searching for work with an enhanced search process that leverages technology to find as many people as quickly as possible and engage them in conversation.

Talent Mapping

Through organizational analysis, stakeholder consultations and market research we will develop a position profile, identify the leadership characteristics required and develop a research and headhunting strategy.

AI Driven Research

We us artificial intelligence engine to assist in the search and recruiting processes. A typical recruiter will screen around 40-50 candidates per job. We can cross-reference thousands of people for every opportunity in minutes.

Predictive Analytics

We use a host of modelling techniques to hone in on upper quartile performers who are most likely to be interested in your opportunity, but also those who can have the greatest potential impact.

Targeted Headhunting

We run the best candidates through several screening processes to ensure you get an accurate representation of their background, experience and reasons for considering your opportunity.

Iterative Assessment and Validation.

Screening & Selection

Finding the right fit doesn't come from any one single step. From the intake process and AI-driven sourcing to in depth phone screening and interviews using psychometric testing – we provide layer upon layer of assessment and validation that the people we bring to the table are qualified and interested in the position.

Validate Experience

We will attend and facilitate the final selection process and conduct thorough background checks and references to assess competencies and provide an external view of potential applicants.

Thorough Interview Processes

Our team combines decades of experience in the art of the interview, we share this experience through dedicated coaching services. We also provide interview structure, generate question sets and even lead the interview process, as required.


Through our testing partners we put all shortlisted candidates through several personality, cognitive and psychometric tests. This objective information provides further information as to who the candidate is and what they bring to their new employer

Performance Drivers

By using the same tools on the leadership, top performers and peer groups at our clients we can start to map the likely team dynamic and success factors. In addition we can isolate potential conflict areas plus ways a new candidate can complement an existing team.

Better risk management = No Surprises.

The Offer

Every candidate has been validated by multiple people and technologies in multiple ways. We help manage offers and negotiations, but it's the broader search and deeper assessments up-front that eliminates the risk of offers being rejected and the wrong person being hired. Which is why we can guarantee every placement.

Post Placement Automation.


KAIT, our AI-supported virtual HR assistant, manages an onboarding program that improves retention and streamlines efficiency. Our onboarding program can improve new hire retention by 82% and productivity by over 70%.

Ongoing Post Placement Support.

Executive Coaching

Behind every great business is a great team of leaders. At Keynote, we recognize that leadership development can be a significant challenge - which is why we are introducing an executive coaching and exclusive suite of leadership services to help business leaders move faster, adapt quicker, learn more rapidly, and embrace dynamic career demands.


You just hired this great new person, which is only half the job. Most new hires failures are not because of a lack of skill, but due to a poorly managed onboarding process. Keynote, through its partners, provides tailored onboarding support for each engagement.


Our post placement focus is about communication and development. We tailor our deliver for each client however typically this involves one on one coaching, HR consulting, team engagement work or skill development.

Performance Management

Keynote provides a one year guarantee with all our placements because we are committed to the success of the new employment relationship. To ensure all parties have the right information to be successful, we have developed an ongoing review and performance management tool that provides a feedback loop for everyone involved.

Ongoing Support

In the first 45 days, our onboarding coaches will work with both the manager and employee conducting one on one sessions. We invest on your behalf to ensure the candidate understands what is expected of them and knows how they can be successful.

Attract and enable the talent you need to succeed.


We are proud to work with some exceptional companies in a wide variety of industries.

It is so easy to get lost in the business, to the point where working on the business is sacrificed. Our experience with Keynote allowed us to achieve our goals without sacrifice. Their professionalism, knowledge and understanding of the market combined with the time taken to understand our objectives, made our expansion seamless. Their process took all of the guess work out of our hands which gave us the ability to move forward efficiently and effortlessly.”
Matt Carr
The team at Keynote Search is effective, efficient, knowledgeable and places a high premium on client service. The company is underpinned by a strong foundation of community engagement and high ethical standards. of the Michaëlle Jean Foundation
Robert Peck
Board Member & Former Ambassador - Fondation Michaëlle Jean Foundation
Keynote took a keen interest in all facets of our organization to ensure they had a grasp on how a potential candidate could provide executive leadership, value and fit within our culture. They went above and beyond to market the opportunity to a targeted group of individuals that they had screened in-depth to ensure that an extremely impressive short-list of candidates was presented for review by the Board’s Executive Search Committee.
Ian Sherman
Chair - Board of Directors - Ottawa Board of Trade