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How To Interview With Military Precision

Talent Manager of Keynote Search and former military covert intelligence operative, Matt Northrup, and the Managing Partner of Welch LLP, Michel Burch, collaborated to discuss tips on how to utilize military intelligence interview techniques. In this webinar you will learn how to apply those same principles when interviewing candidates for roles in your workplace. The panelists discuss how to successfully prepare for interviews, examples of questioning strategies, how to assess candidates' body language and motivations, and the meaning behind using a detailed, systematic approach.

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The Modernization of Recruitment: Marketing, Technology & Data

In this webinar, our experts take you on a journey through the modernization of recruitment. Throughout you'll receive insight on the industry's dramatic transition to a more proactive approach to recruitment with the utilization of cutting-edge technologies, social platforms, and data-driven decisions to promote company culture effectively. Our expert panel breaks down and discusses: employer branding techniques & strategies, optimizing social channels for recruitment, digital marketing challenges, the challenge of multi-generational recruitment, how to use data to better understand audiences and much more.

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The Future of Recruiting: Keeping a Human Touch with A.I

Discover and learn more about the use of artificial intelligence in the recruiting industry. Throughout you'll receive invaluable insight into how to drive better quality human interactions and engage in better conversations through best-in-class A.I. tools and technology. In this webinar our experts will take you on a journey as they discuss how A.I. is being used in recruiting, the benefits of A.I. in recruiting, building meaningful relationships through A.I., draw backs to some A.I. processes, A.I. tools and technology for recruiting, interviewing and more.

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