Ask Our Team - FaceApp Challenge

Ask Our Team - FaceApp Challenge

Thanks to the #FaceApp Challenge we are able to imagine what the Keynote Group team will look like when we’re older. Here’s where we think we will be in our lives and careers in 25 years.

Matt Hart, Talent Manager

I hope to have convinced the powers that be that I am the rightful heir to Santa’s throne. And if that doesn’t work out, I’ll be sipping rum on my boat somewhere in the Caribbean.

Jenny Zhang, Talent Manager

I see myself as a happy and seasoned international recruiter. The biggest achievement will be to see the candidates I have helped secure new leadership roles having a key impact within their companies and organizations, and continuing our friendships we have developed.

James Baker, Chief Executive Officer

I will be a semi-retired snowboard bum running a ski shop at a mountain somewhere in BC telling stories of the good old days of my corporate life. Hopefully Brad is running Keynote successfully and sending me juicy dividend cheques each month!

Kelsey Mayo, Talent Associate

Unlike many of my other colleagues, I won't be retired... Not just because I'm so young and full of life but I also am a workaholic. In 25 years I'll have visited most of the travel destinations on my bucket list, have a fully stocked wine cellar in my basement and a backyard that my dogs deserve in Kelowna, Nashville or Italy.

Donna Baker, Managing Partner

I plan to be spending quality time during the summer months at our beach house or cottage with my grandchildren and hopefully still running marathons!

Joanna Riley, Senior Talent Associate

Looking forward to spending time split between Gili Lankanfushi and Europe

Brad Ezard, Chief Operating Officer

I've never really thought that far ahead, but hopefully I'll still be involved in growing companies to some extent. Looks like I'll have to work remotely from down south to try and reverse these aggressive signs of aging.. yikes...

Kyle Turk, Vice President of Marketing

I hope to be in early retirement because of the success of Keynote Group and enjoying my time in Florida while my son Ace plays for his favourite NHL team, the Florida Panthers.

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