Senior International Project Manager @ Terlin Construction Ltd.

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Critical Role

You will be the first in-market team member on all projects and work through the entire project lifecycle from proposal to close.

Travel Opportunity

This role allows you to travel the world, gain broad cultural exposure and ensure the safety of your fellow Canadians overseas.

Premium Salary

As a lead resource, you will be rewarded with a premium salary and an impressive profit sharing entitlement in an entity that has huge potential.

Senior International Project Manager @ Terlin Construction Ltd.

Company: Terlin Construction Ltd.

Position: Senior International Project Manager

Location: Ottawa, ON

Established in 1989, Terlin Construction specializes in retail, commercial and institutional interiors. Since then, Terlin has grown their business and expertise to continue to meet and exceed industry expectations and client needs. Terlin Construction has evolved over three decades, becoming a leader and innovator in full-service construction for retail, commercial, and institutional clients. Currently, Terlin is forging its way into the infrastructure security space. Terlin now brings together security sector experts, technicians, engineers, construction and material designers and threat identification specialists under a single umbrella to offer an integrated, single-stop design-to-delivery portal for modern and evolving security needs. In Canada and abroad, citizens face a multitude of security threats that have evolved in the global community. However, solutions exist to mitigate the impact of threats new and old - properly designed security structures significantly reduce the impact of many physical attacks. Terlin Construction, alongside its international partners, is developing solutions to these security challenges to ensure the protection of people and property in public spaces. “Terlin Construction’s founder, Terry McLaughlin, is leading the Infrasecure Group – a consortium of companies he’s identified from around the world whose mission is to design and implement highly specialized security products and systems that make spaces safer for citizens, customers and clients. Applying its experience as an established leader in the provision of construction management, perimeter protection, blast/ballistic mitigation, entry control and hostile vehicle mitigation Terlin Construction will implement these products across Canada and the globe.” As Terlin Construction enters this new space the company is in search of a Project Manager for its international and special projects.

Skills & Experience

Extensive Experience A career Project Manager able to understand requirements instinctively.
Dynamic Individual Versatile and can easily understand your surroundings and what needs to be done in order to accomplish the task at hand.
Problem Solver Find solutions to problems in a unique and creative way based on the realities of the local market.
Technical Skills Technical skills encompass the full design, bid, build cycle.
Relationship Builder You have the ability to quickly establish rapport and earn the trust of trade and equipment partners.
Leadership Abilities This role is ideally suited for individuals who can ambitiously take charge and lead divisions.

Summary of Role

Reporting directly to the President you will play a key role in ensuring that projects are delivered on time and on budget.

Terlin Construction is currently searching for a full-time, experienced and dynamic Project Manager for International & Special Projects. Current project opportunities involve building construction, perimeter protection, interior fit-ups for international organizations across the globe including the Middle East, Asia, and Africa. This role is ideally suited for individuals who can ambitiously take charge and lead divisions.

From managing international projects, you will be responsible for building business success by creating local market relationships to ensure successful completion of the project through various trade and equipment partners. The functions include business development, cost estimation, organizing and planning as well as preparing close out and reporting documents, all while collaborating with local and international clients, sub-contractors and colleagues to ensure the successful delivery of these projects.

This position calls on your ability to apply the skills and knowledge that you have accumulated throughout the past decade in order to professionally represent Terlin Construction. Operating internationally, your attention to detail will be acute and you will resolve conflicts and quality issues with materials or installation during construction phases. As materials will be sourced from many international partners, it is paramount you seek to understand local and international business culture. Many local cultures work on the trust of your word and you will understand the importance of respect and adherence to local traditions while ensuring work standards satisfy applicable codes..

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