Media Relations Manager @ National Police Federation - Ottawa

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Critical Role

Be a part of NPF's formation and introduction to both its members and Canadians at large

Unique Opportunity

A chance to be creative and forward-thinking whilst contributing to the building of a historic organization

Impactful Role

You will be able to influence the narrative of law enforcement, and more specifically the RCMP in Canada

Media Relations Manager @ National Police Federation - Ottawa

Company: National Police Federation

Position: Media Relations Manager

Location: Ottawa, ON Canada

Born out of a long-standing imbalance of power, and coupled with a political climate that resulted in fewer rights being afforded to RCMP members as the force expanded, the National Police Federation was founded to represent members of the RCMP and help move the organization forward in the decades to come. Some of the core areas that will be addressed and challenged during the negotiation process include: a shift to fair and competitive wages being paid to members, providing for proper staffing and training for new members, as well creating a more modern benefits package. The founders and executives of the NPF have long held the position that members of the RCMP deserve a viable, representative voice, similar to the ones afforded to other police organizations across Canada and around the world. In a historic vote that took place in late 2018 with the results being announced in July 2019, voting members of the RCMP elected, with an overwhelming majority, to certify the National Police Federation as their new bargaining agent. The National Police Federation has assembled a team of well-researched, knowledgeable, professional and credible Directors who are passionate about advancing all members’ rights and protecting all members’ interests and benefits. The NPF’s executives and board members met in early January 2020 in Ottawa to further build-out the framework for how the Federation will function and sustain itself as it advances the interests of its members. The NPF’s board of directors is composed of 17 elected leaders from across Canada, including the organization’s co-founder, Brian Sauvé who will serve as the President. The NPF is the largest police labour relations organization in Canada, and the second largest in North America.

Skills & Experience

Existing Media Relationships You are well respected and bring existing relationships with the media to this role
Experienced Deep understanding of the media landscape across all channels at the national and local level
Strategic Insights Proven experience developing media relations plans that promote the agenda of an organization
Awareness Highly aware of public affairs, social issues and media operations
Balance You are comfortable balancing a strategic role with a hands-on operational role
Adaptable & Responsive Ability to prioritize competing demands and be both proactive and reactive

Summary of Role

The mission of the NPF is to provide strong, fair and progressive representation to promote and enhance the rights of RCMP members. As the Media Relations Manager you will work closely with the Director of Communication to ensure a coordinated approach to media relations and communications. You will be responsible for delivering on the NPF’s media relations plan, program, relationships and responses. Through the development of strategic initiatives and tactics, you will manage the flow of information between the NPF and the media, ensuring it aligns with the overarching strategy of the NPF.

With the President of the NPF being the organization’s primary spokesperson, you will be responsible for providing advice and guidance to him, with briefing notes and background information so that media pitches can be strategic and well thought out. As a dedicated Media Relations Manager, you will be tasked with building and maintaining positive and respectful relationships with all media who cover the NPF-related issue and stories.

As a newly formed organization, you will need to take a hands-on approach and manage day-to-day media enquiries, arrange media interviews, monitor and advise on potential upcoming media opportunities and issues and review daily media coverage. You will regularly track and report on media sentiment and advise leadership on related progress or adjustments to the media relations plan that might be needed to further the support for the NPF and its members..

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