Labour Relations Officer @ National Police Federation

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Critical Role

This role will utilize your knowledge and experience of labour relations to provide information, guidance and representation to members across Canada.

Impactful Role

The NPF is the largest police union in Canada. This is an opportunity to be a part of its formation and rapid evolution.

Unique Opportunity

You will be given the freedom and support to evolve your role and help shape how services are delivered to members for years to come.

Labour Relations Officer @ National Police Federation

Company: National Police Federation

Position: Labour Relations Officer

Location: Canada

The RCMP provides law enforcement in cities and regions from coast to coast, serving all Canadians. It is one of Canada’s most widely recognized symbols and its Members are a lasting source of national pride. Since the RCMP’s inception nearly 150 years ago, its Members have never been given the opportunity to benefit from formal and collective representation, a situation that is highly uncommon in the field of law enforcement. After a landmark ruling from the Supreme Court of Canada in 2015, Members of the RCMP were granted the right to form an association and collectively bargain with the federal government, resulting in the creation of the National Police Federation (NPF). The NPF represents Members of the RCMP from a fact-based, and balanced perspective to promote and enhance the rights of regular Members and reservists below the rank of Inspector. Today, the NPF is proud to represent over 20,000 Members of the RCMP and is the sole certified bargaining agent for regular members and reservists. The NPF is by far the largest police association in Canada and one of the largest in the world. We have a growing and committed team, who are inspired by the opportunity to create and deliver meaningful value and positive change for our Members across the country.

Skills & Experience

Industry Experience Experienced labour relations professional with extensive knowledge in the law enforcement sector.
Federal Legislation Experience You will have knowledge and experience working with federal legislation such as the Canadian Human Rights Act, the Canada Labour Code or the RCMP Act.
Background Your primary experience will be in career development, staffing, transfer/relocation, workplace conflict, disability management, accommodation, grievance, conduct, harassment and serious incidents.
Strong Communicator Equally comfortable preparing written reports as you are with oral presentations, and are able to use creative thinking and influential relationship building skills to further support the NPF members.

Summary of Role

The mission of the NPF is to provide strong, fair and progressive representation to promote and enhance the rights of RCMP members. The vision is that RCMP members are recognized across Canada as being amongst the best police officers in the world and are compensated and supported accordingly.

As a Labour Relations Officer you will provide professional and timely information, guidance and advice to NPF members and represent them at both formal and informal sessions. You will ensure they have support during the grievance and arbitration process, as well as during complaint, mediation and disciplinary sessions. You will use your experience to interpret the collective agreement, RCMP act or other related legislation or policy to support the members in areas relating, but not limited to career development and staffing, relocation, conflict, disability management, accommodation, grievance, conduct, harassment and serious incidents.

You will use your analytical and research skills to understand jurisprudence, applicable legislation, policies and collective agreements to prepare documentations for both written and oral submissions. You will take an active role in negotiating settlements and agreements on behalf of members relating to a wide breadth of labour issues. You will use your training and coaching skills to conduct sessions for the NPF members and your colleagues. You will have an opportunity to share your own knowledge and experience on current trends and historical issues with board members and peers, while also coaching and mentoring junior members of the team..

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