Health & Safety Manager @ Ferguslea Properties - Ottawa

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Strong Foundation

Be part of an organization that is already well established, with a strong groundwork laid around policy and implementation framework within the health and safety department.

Innovative Opportunity

Create innovative ways to make sure, that all health and safety protocols are being followed across the departments and to ultimately influence the way in which health and safety is viewed.

Working with Leadership

You will be working with senior leadership to identify creative and innovative solutions that support the management of risk through an analytical and strategic approach.

Health & Safety Manager @ Ferguslea Properties - Ottawa

Company: Ferguslea Properties

Position: Health & Safety Manager

Location: Ottawa, ON Canada

In 2011, Ferguslea Properties rebranded its community to create Accora Village, a 100-acre site nestled in the heart of Ottawa’s west end. The community sits between the Ottawa River and the newly refurbished Bayshore Shopping Centre, providing access to trails, bike paths and the amenities associated with a world-class mall. With the highway on Accora Village’s doorstep and the LRT extension planned, the community is ideally positioned to access all areas of the National Capital Region. Accora Village offers a mixture of newly refurbished and upgraded apartments, townhomes and garden homes, a fully equipped recreation centre and pool with educational and fitness programs for the whole family. Ferguslea Properties is on a journey to revitalize the entire Accora Village community. Ferguslea’s ownership and management are fully invested in the commitment to their goal of becoming the number one rental community in North America. With a focus on health and safety, and a leadership team that is fully committed to this goal, Ferguslea Properties is looking for a Health and Safety Manager to bring a strategic and creative approach to the vision.

Skills & Experience

Experienced Leader A leader in health and safety and have acquired a strong understanding of the risk associated with Operations and Building Services
Risk Management Understand how to manage and mitigate health and safety risk and you have the ability to focus, prioritize and execute on problem solving and risk management
H&S Certified Educated in health and safety and hold the necessary certifications as well as a fundamental belief in the safety and well-being of others
Respectful You are someone who remains diplomatic, but firm, acting as a neutral team player in all situations and working hard to treat all individuals with equal respect
Ability to Gain Trust You take enforcement action only when completely necessary and work to influence change only when you have gained the trust of individuals within the organization
Self-sufficient Mature leader who has the confidence and ambition to find new ways to engage people in health and safety, acting as a strong educator and a great influencer

Summary of Role

Reporting to the Director of HR, the Health and Safety Manager will have complete oversight of all aspects of community safety in the Accora Village development, pertaining to both the residents and the staff on site. You will be responsible for ensuring that all existing policies and procedures are being followed across departments, and in doing so, you will be given the opportunity to improve and get creative with new health and safety practices. Furthermore, you will be expected to view health and safety from a risk perspective, finding ways to minimize risk in the community in order to lower the cost of insurance claim policies.

Although this is not an administrative role, you may spend one or two days a week supporting administration. For example, you will need to coordinate the tracking, documentation and follow-up on incidents (occupational injury/illness, contractor issues, safety). You will work closely with the leadership team, strategizing and supporting operations to successfully deliver improved processes to the community - ensuring that these processes are being followed across the organization and holding those who do not follow them accountable. You will also be accountable for any incoming health and safety concerns, as well as dealing with any pending issues upon your arrival. This is an opportunity to support an organization with multiple departments in a large community. You will be expected to maintain contractor safety management program; manage WSIB claims and return to work accommodations (2 years no lost time claims); participate in WSIB safety groups and explore WSIB Excellence program; deliver and co-ordinate H&S training and audits (workwell, fire safety etc.) and manage risk including analysis, identification and creating procedures to decrease risk..

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