Electrical Estimator/Project Manager - Electrical Company

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Highly Reputable

This company is well known for their unparalleled, dedication to quality, longevity, safety and organization.


This position requires quick-on-your feet thinking as you juggle being a team player and autonomous in your practice on diverse projects.

Fast Paced

Right upon being hired, you will be given projects to estimate and deliver upon.

Electrical Estimator/Project Manager @Electrical Company




Electrical Estimator/Project Manager



Our client is a highly successful, Ottawa based company that specializes in working within electrical infrastructure and maintenance industries. The team in place always strives for the creation of top quality work for their clients and working within a tight knit team that emphasizes collaboration. Our client is committed to adhering to company standards, that set their employees up to be the most productive and attentive to the wants and needs of their clientele.

Skills & Experience

Electrical Estimation Seasoned experience in estimating projects (7+ years)
Construction Industry experience
Education Electrical engineering and/or work experience
Software Microsoft Excel mastery
Project Management Ability to produce timely results
Excellent Communication Articulate with clientele and team

Summary of Role

The Electrical Estimator/Project Manager is responsible for the estimation and development of the project plan that meets the customized electrical infrastructure needs of their clients. This position will then assume responsibility for communicating with both the site foreman and the client to ensure a successful delivery of the desired electrical systems. Projects will vary widely in value and scope, and may require services including but not limited to: fire alarm systems, lighting, communications systems, security systems, UPSs, hooking up to the incoming service power provider and distribution systems. Your knowledge within designing power distributions, lighting and building systems (including fire alarm, security, communications) will call on your confidence to work closely with both clients and internal teams, in order to successfully coordinate projects from inception through until completion.

As a dynamic and confident professional, you will take ownership for your position which is relentlessly busy in nature, focusing on areas such as: estimation, managing projects, customer service and Excel mastery. You will embrace a challenge with a receptive outlook and a great deal of flexibility. This company believes in employee engagement and the position will empower you to be an approachable and fair team player.