Director of Post-Placement Integration @ Keynote Search

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Director of Post-Placement Integration @ Keynote Search

Company: Keynote Search

Position: Director of Post-Placement Integration

Location: Ottawa, ON

Over the past five years, Keynote Search has established itself as one of Ottawa’s premier executive search firms and has been recognized not only as one of the city’s fastest growing businesses, but also as an exceptional place to work in 2018 when the company won an Employee’s Choice Award. With a strong and focused leadership team, Keynote Search has already commenced expansion into new markets and is poised to scale its operations further with the addition of elite-level talent to work with its formidable client base. While the company has experienced high growth levels and earned a reputation as one of Ottawa’s best run businesses, the entire team at Keynote Search takes great pride in their ongoing community involvement and community development initiatives.

Skills & Experience

Education You currently hold a bachelor’s degree in either management, human resources or psychology.
Professional Services Background You would describe yourself as an experienced manager who has a background in delivering professional services to a broad range of clients.
Skills You have developed additional relevant skills through coaching certifications and recognized training courses.
Experience This role is best suited for an individual with 8+ years of combined experience.
Relationship Builder You have the unique ability to form professional relationships of trust easily and expeditiously.
C-Suite Communication You enjoy a high-level of credibility within the community and are comfortable liaising directly with C-suite executives.

Summary of the Role

You will be directly reporting to the COO of Keynote whilst enjoying an open door relationship with the CEO. You will work alongside Keynote’s Talent Managers to support the success of candidates in their new roles. Although this is not a direct client management role, you will be an external facing member of the Keynote team, directly liaising with clients and having the autonomy to run the PPI program.

The Director of Post-Placement Integration will be responsible for the delivery, management and administration of Keynote’s Post-Placement Integration Program (PPI). Keynote believes in a comprehensive onboarding process focused on the successful integration of senior-level hires into their new roles. This custom process is guided by regular communication in the form of advising and coaching the new employee through their integration as well as delivering feedback designed to ensure alignment of expectations. This process serves as the foundation to enable new hires to be set up for success in their new roles.

On a daily basis you will be applying onboarding, coaching and liaising skills with various clients and successful candidates. This role is a combination of coordinating with external clients where you are leveraging your onboarding and integration skills, as well as working with internal team members to provide feedback based on your professional judgement. A large portion of your time will be spent engaging with successful candidates (new hires) and their new employers (our clients) to foster a candidate’s successful integration with their new employer and role. You will also be in charge of delivering reports to the internal team to keep them up-to-date on the success of their new executive. In essence, this role is a mix of PPI program coordination, communication with individuals being onboarded, report writing and administration all within a specified project time frame of 90 days..

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