Director of Member Services @ National Police Federation

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Unique Opportunity

Help build a robust, efficient and effective Member Services department for the second largest police force in North America.

Make an Impact

You will have a platform to voice your ideas, set the direction of services and ultimately watch concepts you have suggested come to fruition.

Leadership Role

You will be afforded the opportunity to structure and hire your own team, ensuring their values resonate with the mission of the NPF

Director of Member Services @ National Police Federation

Company: National Police Federation

Position: Director of Member Services

Location: Ottawa, ON Canada

Born out of a long-standing imbalance of power, and coupled with a political climate that resulted in fewer rights being afforded to RCMP members as the force expanded, the National Police Federation was founded to represent members of the RCMP and help move the organization forward in the decades to come. Some of the core areas that will be addressed and challenged during the negotiation process include: a shift to fair and competitive wages being paid to members, providing for proper staffing and training for new members, as well creating a more modern benefits package. The founders and executives of the NPF have long held the position that members of the RCMP deserve a viable, representative voice, similar to the ones afforded to other police organizations across Canada and around the world. In a historic vote that took place in late 2018 with the results being announced in July 2019, voting members of the RCMP elected, with an overwhelming majority, to certify the National Police Federation as their new bargaining agent. The National Police Federation has assembled a team of well-researched, knowledgeable, professional and credible members who are passionate about advancing all members’ rights and protecting all members’ interests and benefits. The NPF Board met in early January 2020 in Ottawa to further buildout the framework for how the Federation will function and sustain itself as it advances the interests of its members. The NPF’s Board is comprised of 17 elected leaders from across Canada, including the organization’s co-founder, Brian Sauvé who serves as the President. The NPF is the largest police association/union in Canada by far and second in North America only to the NYPD.

Skills & Experience

Industry Experience Proven management experience in membership services or a related area in a national non-profit or membership-based organization.
Team Builder Experience building a member services department with innovative services, efficient processes and modern systems including an up-to-date CRM.
Leadership Administering partnerships across Canada and a demonstrated ability to both lead and build the capabilities of a driven, bright, diverse team will be essential to your success.
High Level of Business Acumen Including successful P&L management and have the ability to balance the delivery of programs against the realities of a budget.
Strong Decision-Making Skills The ability to consistently make good decisions through a combination of analysis, wisdom, experience and judgment.
Relationship Focused You can identify and respond to the diverse needs of your team, connecting with staff both in large groups and on an individual level.

Summary of Role

The mission of the NPF is to provide strong, fair and progressive representation to promote and enhance the rights of RCMP members. The vision is that RCMP members are recognized across Canada as being amongst the best police officers in the world and are compensated accordingly.

As the Director of Member Services you will be a mission-focused, strategic, and process-minded leader with experience managing a customer service organization, participating in senior management discussions and fostering a performance culture among a group of diverse, talented individuals. You will need to be a leader who is able to help others deliver measurable, cost effective results that fulfil the mission and make NPF’s vision a reality. The successful Director will have the skills and confidence to tap into the power that each member of the team brings to this mission. While it is essential that the Director bring efficient and effective systems to increase the productivity of the organization, is it also critical that the team retains the NPF’s commitment to member service.

The Director of Member Services leads and directs the NPF’s membership functions, including membership administration, onboarding and information management. You will be responsible for program design, deployment and evaluation; ensuring that all services are effective and accessible to members 24/7 and support the strategic priority of protecting the workplace rights, health and safety of members..

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