Keynote Search Engages in Discussions on Toronto's Quayside

Keynote Search Engages in Discussions on Toronto's Quayside

Earlier this week the Toronto Regional Board of Trade hosted a very informative discussion with Dan Doctoroff, CEO, Sidewalk Labs and Stephen Diamond, Chair, Waterfront Toronto about the evolution and future prospects for Toronto's Quayside master plan.

Keynote Search, has been quickly becoming a part of the fabric in the development industry in Toronto, as the need for business-critical hires comes to the forefront to complete these major projects.

Kevin Kelley, our Director of Business Development was in attendance and put together some key takeaways:

  • Waterfront Toronto, in consultation with Sidewalk Labs, is of the opinion that the concept of the IDEA District (190 acres) is premature. The goals and objectives set forth for Quayside (12 acres) must be achieved before moving forward with other projects and the full collaboration and support of the City of Toronto, particularly where it pertains to City-owned lands, must be in place.

  • For all parties concerned the primary goal of the development is to be the the global leader in innovation, data, sustainability and technology - to make the City of Toronto more livable and to create a model to expand and roll out across Canada. Mass timber building construction and electrification without the need for fossil fuels, and a platform for urban innovation.

  • There are over 160 novel innovations proposed at present, that in the coming months will be vetted for feasibility to the City and Provincial and Federal Governments, as well as a public consultation campaign - recommendations formalized by spring 2020.

  • Late spring creation of implementation plan with final agreements executed spring 2021 followed by a proposal call for developers.

  • A project with these aspirations will create multiple opportunities and the need for experienced and qualified human capital as a result of the full integration of the project including but not limited to:

    • major transit infrastructure and integration (Waterfront LTR, UP Express, Metrolinx and TTC)
    • autonomous vehicle technology and infrastructure
    • mass timber engineering and construction
    • pre-construction consultation and development, design and architecture, project engineering and management
    • Data and technology; leasing and tenancy

Follow this link for a very concise matrix summarizing Quayside Toronto's project boundaries, innovation plan, vertical development partner process, implementation roles and responsibilities, waterfront LTR, digital governance and policy, ecosystem development, intellectual property/data ownership, methodology for pricing lands and Waterfront Toronto Investments.

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