Christine Colverson Earns Her LGBT Workplace Inclusion Certificate

Christine Colverson Earns Her LGBT Workplace Inclusion Certificate

Our Talent Associate Christine Colverson has completed her LGBT Workplace Inclusion Certificate from Pride at Work Canada.

Christine completed the full curriculum of LGBT 101: History Terms and Phrases, LGBT 102: Gender Identity & Gender Expression, LGBT 103: Employee Resource Groups & Executive Sponsors, LGBT 104: Identifying & Engaging Allies and LGBT 105: Identifying & Combatting Biphobia, Homophobia, and Transphobia.

"Every person who completes the certificate will walk away with a deeper understanding and ability to be a better human. For me, as a new immigrant, learning about Canada's LGBT history and specific workplace laws was especially important and enabling." - Christine Colverson, Talent Associate

About the LGBT Workplace Inclusion Certificate

The LGBT Workplace Inclusion Certificate is a suite of modules designed for employees at all levels of an organization to create inclusive environments for their coworkers. After gaining confidence using the vocabulary associated with LGBT identities, participants will learn strategies on how to create positive change that allows everyone to achieve their full potential at work.

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