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50% of leaders fail within 2 years.
Keynote Search finds people you are looking for, screens them more effectively and supports their success with dedicated executive coaching.
One inclusive price. Success-based guarantee.

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Receive exclusive invites and industry related content relevant to you and your business.


Enhanced search that allows us to speak to hundreds of people on your behalf.

Our process leverages our expert delivery team’s experience combined with cutting-edge technology to find and attract exceptional talent.


Every search includes predictive psychometric assessments with an exhaustive interview process.

Predictive psychometric assessments, A.I. & data-driven scoring, and a thorough interview process to ensure we find the right fit.


Ensure optimal performance of your new executive with our post-placement support.

One-on-one executive coaching and our Mastermind Executive Leadership Development Program to support executive hires with industry leading practices.

One customized solution. One inclusive price. Success is our guarantee.

Our executive search is backed by a 12 month guarantee. Everything we do from the enhanced search to extensive screening and post-placement support is all included under one transparent fee.

Learn more about how our executive search and recruitment services can help you find the right person to help your organization succeed.

Our Executive Search Team

Using our search processes, we have found and developed a team of experts that work together to help you with your search needs. Everything from identifying and creating compelling position profiles, sourcing candidates, assessing fit, evaluating and interviewing, selecting and even onboarding and coaching for your new hires.

What is the Difference Between an Executive Search Firm and a Recruitment Agency?

The terms are often used interchangeably when a third party firm is hired to find candidates for a specific position within a business. There are however several significant differences between what an executive search firm does versus what a recruitment agency does.

5 Tips to Conduct a Socially Distant Job Interview

Over the past two months, we have focused on providing employers and candidates with resources around taking the hiring process virtual. We recognize that as restrictions start to lift, some employers will begin to incorporate in-person interviews again, especially for executive-level positions.

Higher Applicant Numbers ≠ Higher Applicant Quality

We have seen a significant increase in job applicants since the COVID-19 pandemic began. In some instances, we’ve seen similar roles from the pre-COVID-19 era receiving twice as many applicants as usual. That should be good news for hiring managers right?

How Ottawa Business Development Leaders are Adapting Their Approach for Post-COVID-19

For both business development professionals as well as hiring managers looking to hire business development professionals, we've asked some of Ottawa's business development leaders how they are shifting their approaches to build relationships and continue to be effective in the post-COVID-19 economy.

Ottawa CEOs: Talent Challenges & Opportunities in the Post COVID-19 Economy

The post-pandemic economy will be a challenging yet exciting time for a lot of local Ottawa businesses. It will be a period of restarting, rebuilding, and taking new approaches. Some businesses will eventually go back to normalcy while others will have evolved with new processes, policies and even products.

Latest Opportunities

View our latest executive search opportunities.

Senior Environmental Engineer @ LRL Associates

For over 30 years’ LRL has been providing clients innovative and professional consulting engineering…

Policy Analyst @ National Police Federation

The National Police Federation was founded to represent members of the RCMP and help move the organi…

Director of Member Services @ National Police Federation

The National Police Federation is proud to represent over 20,000 members of the RCMP and is the sole…


We are proud to work with some exceptional companies in a wide variety of industries.

It is so easy to get lost in the business, to the point where working on the business is sacrificed. Our experience with Keynote allowed us to achieve our goals without sacrifice. Their professionalism, knowledge and understanding of the market combined with the time taken to understand our objectives, made our expansion seamless. Their process took all of the guess work out of our hands which gave us the ability to move forward efficiently and effortlessly.”
Matt Carr
I was lucky enough to work with the Keynote team on several occasions. I appreciate the work they do and do very well. They find hundreds of potential candidates that can do the job, present the top candidates that they have thoroughly evaluated to fit within our company, and help to onboard and ensure their long-term success. I would strongly recommend using them to find the best person that will succeed.
Andrew Emmans
Keynote took a keen interest in all facets of our organization to ensure they had a grasp on how a potential candidate could provide executive leadership, value and fit within our culture. They went above and beyond to market the opportunity to a targeted group of individuals that they had screened in-depth to ensure that an extremely impressive short-list of candidates was presented for review by the Board’s Executive Search Committee.
Ian Sherman
Chair - Board of Directors - Ottawa Board of Trade