Keynote Group participates in #BellLetsTalk

Keynote Group participates in #BellLetsTalk

The Keynote Group office is always filled with endless client meetings, candidate interviews and phone calls. However, today our team decided to hit the pause button for a few hours to participate in a morning dedicated to #BellLetsTalk.

Brad Ezard, our Chief Operating Officer, that has an educational background in psychology and law, came up with the idea to not only participate in a #BellLetsTalk lunch and learn, but to also dedicate the entire morning to activities focused on wellbeing. During this time we turned off our cellular devices, taking time away from our busy schedules to be truly engaged in the discussion of many topics and statistics that relate to mental health.

“I believe that having a workplace environment that focuses on and accepts the promotion of positive mental health is extremely important in society today” said Brad when asked about why he felt so strongly about organizing a #BellLetsTalk morning at Keynote Group.

To kick off the day, Brad gave Keynote Group a presentation that highlighted subjective matter such as strategies to using appropriate language, how to spot symptoms of mental health problems and severity assessments. We ensured that no team members were forced to speak about their individual experiences or opinions, but that it was a safe place in which sharing was encouraged.

Following this, the team engaged in activities such as positive sharing, boardroom yoga, a mental health quiz and brainstormed ideas of volunteering initiatives we’d like to participate in.

Why is mental health important to us?

Mental health is important to our team at Keynote Group, as we collectively feel passionate about people. We are a tight knit group of co-workers that believe in an open door policy with transparent and frequent communication. Despite the stress that can result from busy work schedules, we recognize that it is important to reach out and check in with not only family members and friends, but coworkers, as well.

Keynote Group promotes mental wellness in the workplace by:

  • Giving weekly updates including a personal victory or positive experience (i.e. spending the weekend out of town with family, going skating on the canal, volunteering at an event or watching a great movie)
  • Having healthy snacks in the office
  • Taking walks as a team
  • Participating in weekly team based tasks to ensure workloads are manageable
  • Frequent formal and informal check-ins
  • Strongly supporting work-life balances

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