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How We Find Exceptional Talent

As your talent partner, we take shared accountability for the successful attraction, onboarding and development of key employees and executives. With our experience and technology, we can attract and hire the right people, and invest on the post placement success of the candidate.

Everything we do is geared towards our vision of attracting, retaining and developing exceptional people to increase your productivity and engagement.

We take pride in doing things a little differently than traditional recruitment and executive search and view talent acquisition as a mathematical equation with multiple variables. Our role is to find ways to remove those variables to ensure the best answer to the problem you are looking to solve. It is our commitment to help you find the strongest possible employee, not just make you pick the best candidates from a stack of resumes.

We accomplish this by expanding our services beyond common recruiting methodologies. We combine the very best people in the recruitment business with our cutting-edge AI and screening tools to find the right talent for your business. Once you hire your new employee, our coaching and development partners ensure you maximize the potential success for everyone involved throughout the employee lifecycle.

Find the RIGHT Employee.

Talent and Profile Mapping

Through organizational analysis, stakeholder consultations and market research we will develop a position profile, identify the leadership characteristics required and develop a research and headhunting strategy.

AI Based Candidate Research

We have developed a revolutionary artificial intelligence engine to handle the research side of our executive search and recruiting processes. A typical recruiter will screen around 40-50 candidates per job. We can cross-reference thousands of people for every opportunity in minutes.

Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics

We use a host of modelling techniques to hone in on upper quartile performers who are most likely to be interested in your opportunity, but also those who can have the greatest potential impact.

Targeted Headhunting

Once our AI has worked its magic, our candidate list will showcase active, passive and headhunted candidates for your position. We run the best candidates through several screening processes to ensure you get an accurate representation of their background, experience and reasons for considering your opportunity.

Ensure they Fit.

Validate Experience & Performance History

We will attend and facilitate the final selection process and conduct thorough background checks and references to assess competencies and provide an external view of potential applicants.

Thorough Interview Processes

Our team combines decades of experience in the art of the interview, we share this experience through dedicated coaching services. We also provide interview structure, generate question sets and even lead the interview process, as required.

Psychometric Testing & Co-Ability Team Fit

Through our testing partners we put all shortlisted candidates through several personality, cognitive and psychometric tests. This objective information provides further information as to who the candidate is and what they bring to their new employer

Team Dynamics and Performance Drivers

By using the same tools on the leadership, top performers and peer groups at our clients we can start to map the likely team dynamic and success factors. In addition we can isolate potential conflict areas plus ways a new candidate can complement an existing team.

Retain them.

Onboarding and Integration

You just hired this great new person, which is only half the job. Most new hires failures are not because of a lack of skill, but due to a poorly managed onboarding process. Keynote, through its partners, provides tailored onboarding support for each engagement.

Communications and Support

In the first 45 days, our onboarding coaches will work with both the manager and employee conducting one on one sessions. We invest on your behalf to ensure the candidate understands what is expected of them and knows how they can be successful.

Coaching and Talent Development

Our post placement focus is about communication and development. We tailor our deliver for each client however typically this involves one on one coaching, HR consulting, team engagement work or skill development.

Review and Performance Management

Keynote provides a one year guarantee with all our placements because we are committed to the success of the new employment relationship. To ensure all parties have the right information to be successful, we have developed an ongoing review and performance management tool that provides a feedback loop for everyone involved.

Leverage AI and best-in-class recruitment processes to find your next great hire.

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