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In a market saturated by placement agencies that are focused on completing a hiring transaction, Keynote answered the question organizations were really asking: How do we find, fit and retain exceptional talent? Executive Search and Recruitment alone solves one problem - finding people. It doesn’t solve the bigger challenges of productivity, engagement and retention.

With companies losing 25% of new employees within the first year, and 55% within two years, the best time to positively impact that is at the beginning – at time of hire.

Keynote Group and its subsidiaries were built to address these weaknesses in traditional employee search and recruitment. Our awarding winning team each achieved incredible individual successes in recruitment, executive search and business management. But when it came to how we view our industry, we were all often at odds with the metric driven, non-human approach of the business.

Recruitment and the people involved have become commoditized. This simply didn’t work for us. We believe the emphasis should be on the people and this shared ideology is central to how Keynote Group came to be. We are dedicated to humanizing recruitment and focused on helping organizations succeed because of the people within them.

Keynote Group Logo

Keynote Search is our flagship service, using proven executive search methodologies and cutting edge Artificial Intelligence tools to ensure we bring forward upper quartile candidates for our clients. At our core, we are still a recruitment company, but we live by a very a clear and simple philosophy: Transparent, genuine and outstanding effort backed by technology and rigorous process.


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ION is the newest member of the Keynote Group and built to provide transparency and performance accountability in the contract hire sector. Through our extensive experience and ongoing client research we have seen many challenges and issues, but two problems that plight the industry – excessive, and often undisclosed, mark-up rates plus a drastic lack of accountability for incomplete projects.

Like its sister company Keynote Search, ION focuses on productivity and retention, that is central to everything we do. For ION, that means fair compensation for the contractor, transparent pricing for our clients and built in completion bonuses that are paid to consultants once they have successfully completed the contract.

ION bills every contract at a fixed margin mark-up with full disclosure of the candidate rate. We focus on finding upper quartile performers at market rate to satisfy short term needs or longer term projects. From our own margin, we holdback a portion, which is attributed towards a completion bonus. With our contracts on average lasting 6 months or more, that leads to a significant potential payment for our resource and added motivation to see out the term and meet our client expectations.

Keynote Search and ION Contracting, live by a clear and simple philosophy; transparent, genuine and outstanding effort backed by technology and rigorous process.

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