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2016 will be a big year for IT contract staffing for Ottawa and Toronto Staffing Agencies as the amount of IT contractors continues to increase. As direct permanent hiring bounces back in the private sector, surprisingly many individuals are now choosing IT contract staffing running their services through an local Ottawa Agency. Choosing an Employment Agency allows IT contract consultants to have the staffing firm do the job hunting for them and in many cases lining up the next IT staffing assignment while the IT contractor is still finishing their last assignment.

Yes, employment agencies get a percentage of the IT consultants per diem but they do actually work for it. In such a competitive market for employment agencies in Ottawa we must engage clients on a daily basis, promoting our IT contracting services and having clients recognize why their services are more attractive than the competition.

The Keynote Difference

At Keynote, it’s simple; our clients recognize our passion for what we do. We ensure every consultants placed on an IT contract not only have the technical abilities the clients are seeking but also the soft skills to ensure a cohesive fit once they start work. We don’t stop there…Our IT staffing contractors are in constant touch with their dedicated IT staffing manager throughout their engagement. I know it’s a cliché but yes, we actually become friends with our consultants and most are on long term IT contracts, developing long term relationships and working as their employment agent.

So what does 2016 hold for an Ottawa Employment Agencies? We are expecting even more growth. Here are our a few of our expections:

1. Ottawa IT Staffing Models

One thing we have seen is the change from an old school, directly hired IT staffing workforce to a more complimentary workforce model that includes both permanent employees and contractors. In this new IT staffing model, companies maintain a smaller base of traditional, permanent employees and now employ a group of IT contractors that can be scaled up or down at any given time to meet business requirements at hand. This provides companies with flexibility, huge cost savings by way of government burdens, benefits, paid leave, etc., and reduced liability.

2. Technology

The growth of the Internet and more importantly, mobile devices have changed the IT employment landscape forever. Many Ottawa IT staffing consultants now work remotely from home and our clients are telling us more and more that consultants only need to come into the office once per week for meetings. Sometimes its even just once per month! Any time a meeting is required, Skype is the communications platform of choice.

3. New Kids on the Block are Choosing contracting lifestyles 

The newer and younger members of the workforce like IT contracting and working with an a local Ottawa firm because the new work lifestyle offers different challenges, exposure to many technologies, flexibility in their IT contracting hours and much more significant control over their career. It also offers the ability to work on newer technologies, gain experience and most importantly – network. Keynote Group believes, we will see more and younger IT technically brilliant individuals deliberately move towards IT contract assignments career choices in Ottawa over the traditional permanent employment of the past.

4. Ottawa IT Staffing Consultants are retiring

Being a baby boomer myself and looking forward to retirement someday, these “older” individuals are now becoming more secure to use the word “retirement”. This is creating contract staffing opportunities for the younger generation to move into. While this may sound good to prospective contractors, more seasoned contractors retiring also leaves a gap in the Ottawa Employment arena. This gap opens the door for younger consultants and, believe it or not, opens the door to the largest wealth of knowledge out there. A permanent employee who retired may find themselves bored, and want to get back in the game on a limited basis.

5. The future of Ottawa contract staffing

We believe that Contract staffing will remain a strong source of revenue for Ottawa Staffing Firms throughout 2016, especially in the IT world which is an ideal industry for contract staffing.

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